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Willie J Healey

Hello Good Morning 12-Inch EP

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Release Date: 15/11/2019

Discs: 1

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Songs for Joanna is one of 4 tracks on my new ep. Most of which are about people, it was my opportunity to talk about cross dressers, insecure teenagers and people in love with those who don’t love them back. All classic heartache angst, we all have a Joanna that’s a little out of reach. Every Friday I’d go to the train station around rush hour with my notebook, I’d sit & watch all the people doing their thing. They wrote the song for me. Sometimes I’d fall in love with people, and other times I’d feel like giving them a hug. The prettiest people would do the ugliest things.


1. Songs For Joanna
2. Polyphonic Love
3. For You
4. Thousand Reasons